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How this community works:

How to Join
1. Click "Join this community"
2. I'll get an email requesting you to be added. If you're an HBHS student I'll add you.
3. Done.

What it Is
This is a community where HBHS students can list their cds that they are
willing to burn and trade with others.
It's a nice way to expand your CD collection.
And uh, I'm not responsible for the fact that this most definatly isn't exactly legal.
But come on, who doesn't have burned CDs in their possession anyway?

How it Works
1. Every member makes ONE post listing all of the CDs that they are willing to share with other members.
2. This post can and should be edited whenever new CDs are available. Don't make another post!
3. All of these "Archive Posts" will be put into the memories section of the community for easy browsing of each person's music.
4. Music trading can occur in any way that two users agree on-- generally speaking, each member will burn a copy of the CD that the other person wants and these can be given to one another at school or where ever you kids want. I really don't care.
5. Trade requests can be done through the comments section of each member's Archive Post. Or through AIM, e-mail, etc. Once again, I don't care.

How to Make an Archive Post
1. These posts should be behind a cut. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut ask someone. All the cool kids know.
2. Follow format exhibited here.

Final Details
1. Members are encouraged to be active!
2. Posts can cover topics from announcements of new CDs to your Archive Post collection, to recommendations, to general music discussion, to concert reviews, to talking about your own personal music preferences, to ANYTHING music related. But nothing else, of course.
3. Keep the peace.
4. You can leave a comment at my journal her_gypsy_eyes or to this post if you're having trouble.

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